“Omoshie School opened in 2009 after the building that used to be the Elementary School of Kuroishi Okawara was closed in 2006. Carefully preserving the old- fashioned wooden school building we reopened the new school aiming to make it a fun place for the visitors.

Anyone can feel the nostalgia about this place by taking a look at the wooden corridors and classrooms that were once crowded and the various tools and farming tools from Showa period that are exhibited here.

The local wildflowers located in tourist facilities like Tsugaru Lore Craft Museum and Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum that manage and operate the displays, are supported and operated by Tsugaru Saiko Ltd.


“Homemade buckwheat noodles- Soba School” and “Strawberries and Cream- Ichigo Gyunyu” made of home-grown strawberries are seen on the School’s Café Menu, inside the School.

All year long and on regular basics we hold workshops such as Magonai Atsushi’s crayon painter atelier (weekly at Soba Dojo) and trekking courses taught by professional hiking guide Mai Chan who is certified by JFMGA.

As a sister facility school “Oyama no Megumi- Mountain Grace” located along the 394 National Road and 2 minutes away from the “Omoshie School” is operating as a direct marketing facility.


*Kokeshi is an original folk craft product of the Tohoku region. It is a wooden doll with a spherical head, a cylindrical body, and no limbs attached.


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